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Age of Mythology Movies Now Online
Posted by `Smaug on Monday, August 26, 2002 (13:48:33)
Ensemble Studios has released some new gameplay movies on their upcoming real-time strategy game, Age of Mythology. The videos contain some footage of Odin, Set and Hades races. You can view the movies by heading over to the Age of Mythology website.

Side Note: Keep an eye out for an upcoming preview on this game

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Now Shipping: Age of Sail 2; Demo Now Available
Posted by `Smaug on Monday, August 26, 2002 (13:48:08)
Global Star Software has announced that they have shipped their 3D naval simulator game, Age of Sail 2, has shipped to stores. The game will retail for $29.99 (USD).

In addition, they have also released a new demo for Age of Sail 2. The demo clocks in at 117.5 MB, though there was no information on the contents of the demo. You can download the demo by clicking

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NOLF Teaser Demo
Posted by `Smaug on Monday, August 26, 2002 (13:47:13)
In case you missed it, Monolith has released a little "Teaser" demo for the upcoming game, No One Lives Forever 2. The teaser is called, "A Taste of Ohio", and features a small clue hunting mission in Akron, Ohio. The teaser demo weighs in at 48 MB, which you can download by clicking here.

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New Savage Screenshots
Posted by `Smaug on Monday, August 26, 2002 (13:46:43)
iGames was kind enough to send us some new screenshots for their upcoming rts/first-person action game, Savage. You can view the pictures by clicking on the graphics below:

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America's Army Airborne/Ranger Patch Now Available
Posted by `Smaug on Monday, August 26, 2002 (13:44:59)
Not more than twenty-four hours of announcing that a patch would be available this week, the U.S. Army has released the long awaited patch that adds Airborne and Ranger schools into the game. The patch clocks in at 49 MB, and also include some game and network optimizations.

You can download the patch by clicking here.

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Now In Stores: Radeon 9700 PRO
Posted by `Smaug on Monday, August 26, 2002 (13:44:24)
ATI sends word that they have begun shipping their next line of graphic cards based on the RADEON technology. Boasting many industry firsts, the RADEON 9700 represents the new foundation for the future of graphics, enabling cinematic-quality previously possible only with off line real time rendering. This new foundation is defined by breakthrough features including eight parallel rendering pipelines, Microsoft(r) DirectX(r) 9 support, AGP 8X support and a fully programmable floating point architecture.

"ATI's delivery on its promise to deliver the RADEON 9700 PRO to market quickly attests to the company's flawless execution strategy and its leadership in the graphics space."

The 9700 PRO video card will retail for $399.99 (USD). You can find out more information by heading over to the official ATI website

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New KoF Appointment
Posted by Selinye on Wednesday, August 21, 2002 (16:13:34)
Everone wish iGoR good luck as his new appointment of 2nd in command of KoF. He has put lots of work in assisting me and creating the website and etc. He's very responsible and helping me get things organized and keeping me up to date. So everyone give him a pat on the back and 3 cheers!

Congrats iGoR! I don't know of anyone else who deserves it more!

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Battlefield 1942 Multiplayer Demo Now Available
Posted by `Smaug on Sunday, August 18, 2002 (19:10:08)
Electronic Arts has released a demo for their upcoming action game, Battlefield 1942. The demo clocks in at 130.2 MB, and includes Wake Island map that you can play in Conquest with multiplayer support of up to 32 players.

You can download the file by clicking here.

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Dungeon Siege Tool Kit Now Available
Posted by `Smaug on Sunday, August 18, 2002 (19:09:08)
Microsoft Game Studios and Gas Powered Games today announced that the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit is now available for download. The Dungeon Siege Tool Kit grants gamers the freedom to rework nearly every aspect of the Dungeon Siege world, making this best-selling title not only a game, but also a platform for those who wish to create their own spells, dungeons, and even their own entire world.

The Dungeon Siege Tool Kit contains the Siege Editor, the same editor used by Gas Powered Games to create Dungeon Siege; and Siege Max, a custom-created gmax game pack that allows gamers to create new terrain, buildings, dungeons, creatures, players, weapons, armor and more. In conjunction with the release of the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit, five more Siege University tutorials have been made available, bringing the total number of tutorials to 28. For more information about the Dungeon Siege Tool Kit and Siege University visit official Dungeon Siege website.

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Warcraft III Patch Online
Posted by `Smaug on Thursday, August 15, 2002 (18:11:34)
Blizzard Entertainment has released a patch for Warcraft 3. You can upgrade to version 1.02 by logging onto Battlenet. Here's some of the fixes and upgrades:

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to abuse dragons with Devour.
  • Fixed an issue with dragons that could cause them to divert attacks.
  • Necklace of Immunity, Tome of Greater Experience, and Goblin Land Mines no longer randomly drop in multiplayer games.
  • Scroll of Resurrection & Scroll of Animate Dead item level increased.

    More info on the patch can be found here.

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