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Lords of EverQuest Interview

Lords of Everquest Interview
Lords Of EverQuest
Questions & Answers With James Parker

GCC recently got a chance to sit down with James Parker, Producer on the upcoming Lords of Everquest RTS. Lords of EverQuest is a revolutionary Real-Time Strategy game inspired by the lore of the online gaming phenomenon EverQuest. Control Lords and colossal armies as you battle for total domination of the lands of Antonica.

Official Site - More Screens

To begin, please introduce yourself, and your role on the team behind LoE.

James Parker, Producer: Lords of EverQuest

With some of the creative juice coming from the original HOMM folks, can we expect to see a cookie cutter game from that series with a new theme, or will there be some innovation and fresh breath?

Fresh as fresh can be, we have taken some of the elements from homm and, everquest, wc3, c&c, and Warlods battlecry. Phew that is a mouthful.

Many people are comparing LoE to the successful Warcraft franchise from Blizzard. What does that kind of pressure do to a development team for a new game?

Well the pressure is something that is helping to stay motivated. Competition in the marketplace is a good thing, with it, it helps everyone get better. They make a great game we make a better game and than they turn around and make an even better game. This type of dynamic does nothing but help the genre as a whole.

As for the direct comparison, let's just say I do not sleep so well at night these days.

Can you tell us a little bit about how matchmaking will work on

The Soegames.Net service was built from scratch as a mechanism to do peer to peer matching for many of our up and coming titles including Champions of Norrath and Lords of EverQuest. Some of the functionality includes, stat tracking, ranking, ladder system, tournaments, and peer to peer skill matching.

Will there be support for the community to make custom maps/scenarios?

Oh definitely, this is one area where we are trying to polish up right now. We have a map editor that allows for people to generate height maps, add water, customize units and manipulate some scripting language. There are a few other cool surprises as well, but I am supposed to keep those tight-lipped.

The screens we are seeing look incredible. Can you tell us what engine it is using, and will it be utilizing any of the recent Direct X 9 enhancements?

Thanks you very much. We are using our own custom engine designed by the Rapid Eye Entertainment. It does take advantage of some of the brand new DX 9 functionality, but will still allow players with DX 8 to play as well.

Will there be a spell or potion to make Gnomes taller?

Um I am not at liberty to talk about the vertically challenged. Gnomes are happy with their size and if there was a said potion or spell I would not be able to talk about it.

Thank you for your time this evening, any additional comments for the eager fans of LoE?

Look forward to seeing you online and playing Lords of EverQuest. I hope you enjoy it. If you have any comments or feedback feel free to head on over to our site and sign up for the beta.

Look for more coverage on Lords of Everquest as we hear it! If you have questions you would like addressed, please feel free to join our discussion, and post your thoughts there. GCC prides itself on getting the results our members want.

Official Site - More Screens

Marty `Smaug Reinhart - November 10th, 2003